Jessica Simpson’s Diet and Exercise Routine: From One of the Sexiest Pop Stars

January 31, 2011

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The older Jessica Simpson gets, the sexier she becomes. The 5 foot 4 singer, actress, television personality and fashion designer who  first became popular during  year 1999 has had a successful singing career and made a smooth transition to television and film. Despite media crutiny over her weight gain in 2009, many people would still struggle to find a flaw in this woman. Her sunny disposition, megawatt smile and blonde gloriousness make Jessica Simpson one of the most influential popstars to ever hit the music scene.

"I try to stay away from sugars as much as I can." She says. "I also try to work out regularly. It’s hard having to follow a routine, but when you get the results, it’s totally worth it."

Jessica-Simpson.jpgJessica Simpson’s diet since 2007 is adhered to the principles of the 5 Factor Program by famous celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. She used to be a fan of the South beach diet but she finds her present diet more suitable for her. Her diet largely contains grilled fish, chicken and vegetables and whenever she adds more food in her diet, she tries to spend more time at the gym.

The 5 Factor is a diet is actually a weight loss and fitness program that skips the counting of carbohydrates, food measuring including time consuming exercise routines.

An example of Jessica Simpson’s diet plan on a typical day includes:

  • Breakfast:  egg-white burrito, strawberry shortcake power smoothie, and Ezekiel toast
  • Mid-morning snack: Fuji apple wedges with chocolate peanut butter dip
  • Lunch: open-face barbecue bison burger, sweet potato fries, chipotle ketchup
  • Afternoon snack: Hot dog skewers with roasted cherry tomatoes, jalapeno mustard sauce
  • Dinner: Cuban-style shredded beef, cumin-dusted brown rice, char-grilled corn.

For Jessica Simpson’s exercise routine, she consistently works out for 24 to 45 minutes her day 5 times per week. Her exercise routine includes of full body strength training circuits divided into 5 phases. The first phase includes the cardio warm-up that increases the heart rate by 65% to 85% completed for 5 minutes.

This is followed by strength training that contains two different workouts with altered sets, reps and rest periods per week, and covers 10 minutes.

Third phase is the core exercises that includes crunches and twists with again altered reps, sets, and rest periods done for 5 minutes. This is then followed by 5 minutes of cardio exercise, and lastly, the cool down that is done for 5 minutes to help in alleviating delayed onset muscles soreness.

Jessica Simpson’s exercise routine also includes high repetitions with different weights to tone up her back and arms. She uses dumbbells and weight machines to achieve it. For Jessica’s butt and thighs, she does lunges and squats with weights and also adds Yoga to her exercise.

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