Jessica Biel Diet and Exercise Tips

July 26, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

The secret behind Jessica Biel’s gorgeous body is lots of exercising combined with plain old portion control. As Jessica Biel put it herself : “I say, ‘Eat things you like, but eat them in smaller portions’. I always cut things in half and send them back. I’m not perfect, I don’t always do those things, but that’s the goal.”

When it comes to working out, Jessica Biel exercises 6 times a week. She does a mix of cardio and strength training exercises under the close supervision of her personal trainer Jason Walsh. The combination of 3 cardio workout days and 3 strength training workout days helps keep Jessica Biel’s metabolism burning hot, melting the fats continuously.

According to Jason Walsh doing just cardio exercises doesn’t get you the desired results. Most people do cardio exercises at a low intensity, thus eliminating all the health benefits from the cardio workout. So if you plan to do cardio, make sure to step it up and break a sweat at least.


The strengths training exercises Jessica Biel does focus on doing more repetitions using smaller weights. This way the strength training exercises get a cardio exercise effect also, while at the same time toning the muscles.

To help her speed up her metabolism, Jessica Biel eats 5 small meals throughout the day containing lean meat and lots of vegetables. Her meal plan consists of anything low fat low carb as long as it is healthy.

Besides exercising a lot and having a healthy diet, Jessica Biel is also very active during the day and enjoys practicing yoga. This also helps her stay fit and in great shape: “I’m comfortable with my body and who I am because I work out a lot” said Jessica Biel, “I walk my dogs for 30 to 45 minutes each day. I do yoga and I like to play soccer. A great exercise is one-legged squats with an exercise ball at your tail bone up against a wall. You should do at least 12 of those and three sets.”

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