Jesse Eisenberg’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Staying Fit and Losing Weight the Healthy Way

March 28, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

After his star-making turn in the film phenomenon The Social Network portraying prodigy Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, Jesse Eisenberg is now steadily climbing the top of the Hollywood food chain. He has appeared in critically acclaimed films such as The Squid and the Whale, Adventureland and Zombieland. This 5 foot 9 actor is slowly making a name for himself as he enters leading man territory, and has somehoe become fitter and more muscled woth the help of his diet and exercise routine.

Jesse-Eisenberg.jpgJesse Eisenberg’s diet is a healthy balanced diet which involves the intake of foods that comes from these three food groups: protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

Each meal or snack should contain those 3 categories and must be properly balanced as well.

Jesse Eisenberg’s diet makes sure that he gets the right amount of food and stops him from eating any junk foods or fast foods. This ensures that he achieves weight loss in a healthy way.

For Jesse Eisenberg’s exercise routine, he cycles daily. He doesn’t like to get any personal trainer and doesn’t want to work out at the gym.

“I ride my bike maybe 30 miles a day. Not only for exercise, but to get around, and that’s my favourite thing to do,” Jesse claims.

That’s why you’d notice that he has well-toned legs with strong thighs. Jesse Eisenberg’s exercise reduces the risk of acquiring any coronary heart disease as it works out the heart, blood vessels and lungs.

Like what was mentioned above, it can help him achieve trimmer and well-toned muscles especially the upper thigh muscles, backside and calf muscles. Cycling also increases his stamina, helps in losing weight, and alleviates his stress, anxiety and depression.

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