Jenna Elfman’s Diet and Exercise Tips: Getting a Well Toned Physique

December 14, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

5 feet 10 inches star Jenna Elfman not only has a height that makes women envious and think daggers, she also has an absolutely svelte and fabulous physique. The former Golden Globe and two-time Emmy nominee is a hot mom of two, but that didn’t stop her from taking care of her figure.

"I love food, and it’s a good thing I have kids, I get my exercise just by chasing them." Jenna says with a laugh.

Jenna-Elfman.jpgJenna Elfman’s diet follows a sugar-free low carbohydrate eating plan. This diet recommends intake of lean meats, cheeses, fats, and some leafy green vegetables while maintaining carbohydrate amounts in minimum levels.

Aside from her healthy eating habits, Jenna keeps fit by working out. Jenna Elfman’s exercise routine involves doing ballet thrice a week together with yoga to help in calming the mind while strengthening and increasing the flexibility of her body.

"People ask me how I lost the baby weight so fast, they think I’ve done some drastic measure." Jenna says. "But no, what I did was follow a common sense diet and exercise, There’s nothing crazy about that."

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