Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s Diet and Exercise Routine

December 14, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, the beautiful star of HBO’s The Sopranos was brave enough to take her weight battle to the public. After losing 30 pounds before with her eating disorder, she has now kept herself within her ideal weight range, has since learned some valuable lessons, with the scars to prove it.

"It’s a tough thing to talk about, but it’s very therapeutic for me. Now I’m a spokeswoman for eating disorders." Jamie says. 

Jamie-Lynn-Sigler.jpgCurrently, Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s diet consists of well balanced meals while following portion control. This eating plan allows her with no food restrictions of any kind as long as she controls her serving size and total caloric intake. 

Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s exercise routine includes regular cardio exercises and physical conditioningworkouts such as running, walking and swimming. These activities allow her to burn around 300 to 600 calories per workout.

"I’ve long moved on from the past." Jamie says.

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