Jada Pinkett Smith’s Diet and Exercise Tips

December 14, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

At 33, Jada Pinkett Smith has got what she always wanted: keeping her career as an actress hot, her marriage with Hollywood heartthrob Will Smith hotter, and her body hottest. Looking better than ever, the 5 foot 2 star struts her stuff in the big screen and countless red carpet events, where she gives her own good diet and exercise tips.

"Sitting at home on a Saturday is never an option." Jada shares. "The kids love going to the gym with Will and me, but surfing and snowboarding is what we do together as a family for fun."

jada-pinkett-smith.jpgJada Pinnkett Smith’s diet consists of  low carbohydrate meals. This diet replaces foods high in digestible carbs with a higher percentage of proteins and fats.

This kind of diet also ensures that her blood sugar levels are maintained at the ideal range and helps keep the fat cells at bay.

"I eat a lot of superfoods." She says. "Like berries, vegetables, fruits, eggs, yogurt and seeds. It’s like fuel for my body. "

Aside from eating right, Jada, a self-confessed gym buff,  keeps in shape by regular physical activity. Jada Pinnkett Smith’s exercise routine includes both intensive cardio exercises and weight training by doing squats, lunges, lateral pull downs, bench press as well as curls to tone muscles and burn calories without bulking up too much.

"Fitness is a part of my life, I wasn’t raised to be a couch potato." Jada shares. "It’s something I want my kids to follow, to be just as active."

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