Interview with Laurie Beebe: dietitian and weight loss coach

Just press play to listen to the interview with Laurie Beebe, a registered dietitian and weight loss coach:

While listening to the interview you should check out Laurie’s websites: My Weight Loss Coach Laurie and Ask the Diet Coach. You will get a lot of fabulous weight loss tips from them and you can also ask Laurie weight loss questions.

Laurie Beebe is a registered dietitian and a weight loss coach. During the interview we talk about what are the major obstacles that stop people from losing weight and how to get past them. You will learn the truth about fad diets and if you should follow them.

Laurie underlined a lot the importance of having a good mindset that actually helps you lose weight. Your mind plays a very important role in the outcome of your weight loss efforts. If you doubt yourself, if you don’t have the full support of your mind, you won’t lose as much weight as you actually can. It is very important to stop sabotaging your own weight loss plans.

The best way to lose weight is by eating healthy nutritious food and exercising. And it seems that the best way to keep the weight off is by maintaining the healthy eating habits and continuing to exercise your body.

Laurie also explains why you should seek professional weight loss help, especially if you are having a hard time losing weight. A good weight loss coach will hold you accountable and will guide you, making sure that you will take the less resistance path for weight loss.

If you are interested in getting some professional help you can contact Laurie Beebe and set up an appointment at

You should also check out Laurie’s interview on Great Day St Louis.

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