Improve Your Mental Health by Doing 5 Minute Nature Exercises

May 4, 2010

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A new study done Drs Jo Barton and Professor Jules Pretty from the University of Essex revealed the significant positive impact that 5 minutes of nature exercising can have on the human mind. It helps raise their self-esteem and change their mood.

After pooling the data from more than 1 study on the effects of exercising in nature, they discovered that you don’t have to do a whole lot of exercising to benefit. In fact 5 minutes is the sweet spot. Any more or any less and you get diminishing returns. This is great because anybody can take the time for a 5 minute walk through the park.

If you are more ambitious you don’t need to stick just with walking. You can do some gardening, fishing, boating, cycling, farming, horse riding, mountain climbing… Any physical activity done in the bosom of Mother Nature is good.

The study also revealed that the best places to do the exercises were those that contained water. The combination of green and blue seemed to have the best healthy effects on the human mind.

Doing some form of nature exercises is great if you want to lose weight. On one hand you get to exercise and burn some calories. On the other hand you get to boost your self-esteem. This will make it less likely that you will devour a full chocolate cake or a bucket of ice-cream because someone hurt your feelings. Having a good healthy self-esteem is very important to losing weight.

Many start losing weight because they want to boost their self-esteem. I say you should go the other way around. Get a rock solid self-esteem and then you will lose weight fast. Think about it, you keep all your valuable stuff in good safe places. If you raise your self-esteem you will want to lose weight and be very motivated to do so.

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