I Want to Lose Weight Fast! Are You Really Ready to Lose Weight?

October 12, 2009

Health & Motivation

Everybody is yelling nowadays “I Want to lose weight fast!” but most of them aren’t willing to put in the effort to actually achieve their goal. It isn’t that easy to lose weight , especially if you need to lose weight fast. Are you ready to change your diet, start exercising and get a better healthier lifestyle? Are you willing to do whatever it takes, to struggle and endure to lose weight finally? If the answer is yes then you might actually stand a chance at losing weight.

You see losing weight is all about willpower, especially in the beginning. You might want to lose weight but if you don’t have the willpower you will crumble in form of the first cookie that comes in front of you. You have to have the willpower to resist until your body and mind get used to the idea of eating healthy food and exercising frequently.


When you will change your lifestyle that is when you will lose weight and keep it off forever. But change unfortunately is never easy. You will have to work hard at changing your habits and thoughts to make them support your fast weight loss.

Everybody is looking for the magic pill or formula when it comes to losing weight. Well I have bad news for you: there isn’t a magic formula that will help you lose weight without effort. You just have to put in the effort to reap the results. We are use to instant gratification but losing weight isn’t instant. Well it is true you can turn to the knife and undergo surgery to get rid of your fat but I heard that the pains are unimaginable. So there is still a price to pay for opting for that artificial and supper fast weight loss method.

The good news is that if you want to lose weight and you are determined enough you are actually going to make it. It will take a while but as you get results you will become more motivated. This makes it so that you need far less willpower to lose weight than you needed in the beginning. But you have to look out and avoid getting depressed if results don’t show up as fast as you wish. You have to set realistic weight loss goals and ways to measure your weight loss progress.

Going around and telling everybody how you want to lose weight won’t make it so that you will actually do it. A better tactic is to shut up and get to work. Set it as a goal to lose 10 pounds and once you reach it set another goal to lose 20 pounds. Start exercising and eating only healthy food and never stop again. You can still eat junk food, but only from time to time and then as a treat.

Losing weight isn’t that complicated but it can be quite hard. You need to figure out ways to make it more pleasurable. Make it a game and add points for each activity that helps you lose weight. Every time you slipup and do something fattening like binging on chocolate, subtract points. Try to get your score as high as possible.

When you reach a certain score or weight loss goal celebrate. Go out and do something you wanted to do for a long time. You can eat something good or even better do something else, like going on a mini vacation and having a blast doing different activities that you enjoy.

If you put your mind to it you will lose weight, I guarantee it. But you have to have the willpower and motivation to go through the whole weight loss program. Proclaiming “I want to lose weight” to the world won’t make it happen. Getting to work on it will definitively make it happen.

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