How to Stay Young and Healthier Longer

June 18, 2009

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The lack of energy, tiredness, stress, wrinkles, balding, memory problems, a weakened immune system, low physical resistance, health problems… If you like it or not time passes and we start feeling the effects of old age. If you want to age slower and without regrets, what you eat plays a central role.

Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits. Don’t avoid eating cabbage, broccoli, beans, beet, cauliflower, blackberries, raisins, strawberries, fish (2-3 times a week), nuts, whole grain products, soya… Use virgin olive oil in your cooking and eat low fat meat. Eating garlic once a day is extremely healthy because it helps you have a better blood flow and improved immune system. Drink lots of water and green tea. Buy only dairies that are light.

If you want to avoid health problems and slow down the aging process you need antioxidants. Vitamin E, vitamin C, beta carotene and selenium are very important antioxidants and help your body fight against the free radicals. Antioxidants are actively involved in maintaining your health and having a great looking skin, preventing infections, heart diseases and cancer.

If you want your fight against the free radicals to be efficient you need to drink lots of water and liquids. Liquids help you eliminate the free radicals form your body. Drink water, teas and fresh natural juices. Hydrating your body is essential if you want your body to function properly and stay young.


Vitamin D is an excellent source of youthfulness because it helps you reduce the risk of having frail bones and developing osteoporosis. When you reach the 70 years old mark your body isn’t capable of producing even half of the quantity of vitamin D you need. So besides eating right you must take food supplements form a certain point in your life, If your body lacks vitamin B complex your memory and heart can be negatively affected.

As important as knowing what you should eat to stay young you also must know what to avoid eating. Make a list of the bad unhealthy foods and consult it before going shopping so you will know what to avoid buying and eating. You shouldn’t eat foods full of sugar, and stop drinking caffeine filled beverages like coffee, cola, even chocolate. Avoid eating foods full of unhealthy food additives, artificial sweeteners, margarine, and hydrogenated oils. Don’t eat French fries, chips, highly processed foods, white bread products, pork meat. Stop smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

I know that microwave ovens are an easy way to heat your food. But specialists believe that you should steer away from microwave food if you value your health.

Japanese have a rule that they always respect and they live usually beyond 80 years old. Always eat small to medium portions of food. Don’t let your taste buds talk you into going on an eating spree. Put an end to binging. Eat less and you will be healthier for longer. If you want you can eat salads, made with virgin olive oil and lemon juice.

Just start eating healthy food and you will stay younger longer. Having a healthy youthful body will help you enjoy more each day and acquire fabulous memories.

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