How to start a fitness program

May 19, 2009

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I advise everybody to start any fitness program under the supervision of a personal fitness trainer. Your personal trainer knows what physical exercises are best for you and your goal. Also if you get stuck during your training he will help you out.

As a beginner, when you start a fitness program, you must first learn how to execute the exercises correctly. Your body also has to get used to the sustained physical activity. But learning how to do the workout exercises the right way should be your main focus when you start working out.

Of course every workout session should start with a warm up routine. Personally, for warming up, I jog for 10 minutes on the treadmill. Also I do some stretching for mobility and flexibility before running so I warm-up my joints.


During the workout session you should work your leg, chest and back so you will ensure a good foundation for all your muscles. I recommend 2 to 3 exercises dedicated to each muscle group, 2 to 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps for each individual exercise. The workout should end with 1-2 abdominal exercises and stretching. That way you will get rid of your pot belly and get a perfect abdomen. For starters the physical exercises can be with small weights or even without any weight. Remember your goal in the beginning is to learn how to do the exercises correctly and get your body used to working out.

This type of workout is done for 4 to 6 weeks. I recommend 3 workout sessions weekly, with one day of rest between them. That way your body will have the necessary time to repair itself. After this beginning period you will change your workout routine to reflect your desired outcome. You can consider this 4-6 weeks as a long workout warm-up. After this you can choose a weight loss workout, a workout dedicated to increasing muscle mass or a maintenance workout routine.

If the exercises are done correctly and the break between the sets isn’t too long you should be able to finish your workout under 1 hour. You should always keep in mind the fact that what counts most is the quality of the workout and not the length of the workout. Loitering around the gym won’t get you any fitter. You don’t go to the gym to chat with your friends but to work out.

You can alternate the fitness workout with aerobic workout which is more engaging and energetic. You can choose from jogging, dancing, or a good tae bo workout.

Your diet is plays an important role in working out, even if your goal is increasing muscle mass or losing weight. The diet should be an integral part of the fitness program. Eating the wrong foods can seriously reduce your workout results. Find out what to beat before a workout and what to eat after a workout.


Make sure you always leave with a positive impression about your workout sessions. That way it will be much easier to get motivated to stick to your workout schedule. Sometimes it is normal to get muscle sourness after an intense workout or a long period in which you didn’t work out. It is important not to get freaked out by the muscle soreness. Muscle soreness is a normal reaction, which must be expected form a body that doesn’t get exercises frequently. The good news is that there are ways to get rid of muscle soreness. One cure for muscle soreness is working out.

Your body needs physical activity to function at peak performance and stay healthy. Your mind will also be more clear and focused. Workout is a sworn enemy of depression and it will bring more joy into your life. My advice to you is to start working out and never quit again.

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