How to resist the allure of tasty junk food while you are out in town

April 25, 2009

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How can you resist to all the temptations that tease your taste buds all over town? Especially when you are out shopping, and you have all that cash and the urge to break your dieting rules is so tempting. Here are some ideas to help you break the spell that junk food can put on you:

-never go out hungry. The biggest enemy of every diet and weight loss plan is hunger. After eating a healthy meal you will be able to handle the hectic city much more easily. You won’t persuade yourself so easily into snacking on some unhealthy junk food.

-if you still get hungry choose to eat something as healthy as possible: a drinkable yogurt, a healthy sandwich, vegetables and cheese, a raw salad without too much sauce or mayo.


-avoid eating sweets and chocolate because all they will do is make you even hungrier. After the sugar rush ends you will feel drained of energy and really hungry.

-if you are into a supermarket avoid going through the junk food aisles. Also avoid going into the food court in the mall. You are there with another purpose than eating.

-you don’t have to run away from every temptation you might come upon in your travelling around town. But if you are going to eat something packed with calories at least make sure you eat something really tasty. Eat something that will thrill your taste buds and take you into heaven. Just remember moderation. Eat a small amount. For example instead if eating a whole chocolate bar you can eat an exclusive chocolate chip made by a famous chocolatierie.

-drink water instead of sodas. That way you will make sure you have drank the recommended 8 cups of water per day. Also you won’t get any extra calories that you will have to burn off later. Plus water helps reduce the hunger sensation a little.

-instead of a dessert have a coffee. It’s a much more dietetic alternative to eating a slice of cake or of pie.

Another cool resource that you can check out is The ultimate guide to smart snacking during a weight loss diet.

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