How to pick the right type of physical activity for you

March 25, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

You promise yourself you are going to go to the gym and workout regularly. All that enthusiasm keep you going for a while but pretty soon you drop out of your strict physical activity schedule. Even if you were excited at the beginning now you are wondering what happened.

”Starting today, from 1 o’clock/ from next week I am going to the gym.” How often have you heard such promises from your friends, companions and even form yourself. And then even if you were really psyched up and enthusiast at the beginning you and your friends all dropped out of your commitment. What mysterious invisible threads stop you from following thru with your fitness, aerobic or other sport long term plan. Besides a certain inertia that can be acquired over time even the type of physical activity that you choose can be determining for the degree of follow thru that you will have.


You can work up a sweat hearing others speaking about the sport they practice, and even let yourself dragged into the gym, but this doesn’t mean that you will get as excited as they are about that physical activity. Physical activity has to be in harmony with your personality and temperament, because if there is no correlation the dangers of not sticking to the plan are greater. Thank God there are sports for everybody. If you take the time to analyze your strengths and limitations and them chose a sport that appeals to you then you have a greater chance to keep practicing that sport for a long time. You might even become one of those passionate persons about their sport.

So try to figure out in what category you would fit best. Certain physical activities can be combined even thou they are from different categories. For example you can dance on two nights and walk for one hour for three days a week. But the key is to pick a physical activity that charectrizes you and brings you pleasure.

Types of personality and the recommended types of sports

Sociable and hard working. You like to work hard. If you don’t work a sweat then you feel the workout session wasn’t worth your time. But you want to be surrounded by people with which you can exchange opinions and ideas. Places where you can socialize, like sports clubs, pools and so on are the best choice for you. That way you benefit from the social interaction and workout rigorously your body. You should try fitness, aerobics, swimming, step and dances. Also you could practice any team sports like volleyball, handball and tennis.

Hard working but shy. Sports that you can play and practice by yourself are the ones that lure you. For example you can jog every afternoon in the nearby park. Even so too much isolation isn’t good for anybody so you should also try a physical activity that can be done in a two. You can pick a sport that requires a minimal social interaction like tennis or table tennis. At home you can complete your cardio workout with weight lifting.

Shy and comfy. Unfortunately reading is not a physical activity even thou your neurons are working really hard and putting up a sweat. It’s good to read but it’s good to exercise also. You can take long strolls thru the park in which you can admire mother nature, relax and oxygenate your body. Start slowly with 15 minutes and inch it up slowly to one hour a day at an alert pace. Alternate the style and the terrain but always finish with a normal walk so you can cool down.

Comfy but sociable. You would like to get out into the world but gyms just aren’t your thing. People working out hard don’t inspire you. Something more agreeable and easy is more up your alley. But you should find something that will work your muscles and put you in a good humor. In your case you should follow some dance lessons that will get you into shape in no time without being boring. Swimming is another option that you could try.

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