How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Breasts

April 13, 2010

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When you lose weight you are bound to get smaller breasts too. You should know that wanting to lose weight without losing your breasts isn’t an achievable goal. Your breasts are made out of fatty tissue mostly. As you lose fat from your body you will also lose the fat from your breasts.

You shouldn’t overly concern yourself with the diminishing size of your bra as you lose weight. The truth is that you will get bigger breasts in the end. Think about it. The skinnier you get the bigger your breasts will appear.

I have a couple of friends who had lots of weight problems while they were teenagers. They were overweight and they had to wear big bras for their big boobs. But you wouldn’t really think they had that big breasts. Finally after they succeeded to lose weight their breasts appeared to be bigger, regardless of the fact that they were actually wearing smaller bras.

As you lose weight you lose fat from all over your body, including your back and chest area. This will force you to buy smaller bras than you use to wear now. It is natural and you should rejoice because your weight loss plan is working.

The biggest danger for your breasts isn’t weight loss but super fast weight loss. If you manage to lose an insane amount of weight in a super short amount of time your breasts will start to become saggy. This happens because your body doesn’t have the required time to consolidate the breasts and shrink the amount of skin used to cover them.

The trick to not getting saggy breasts is to lose weight progressively and exercise your chest and back muscle too. By losing weight slowly, you give your body enough time to adapt to your new form and make you look stunningly. By exercising your chest and back muscles you give your breasts better support which in turn will reduce the sagging of your breasts.

While exercising make sure you wear a good sports bra that gives you all the support you need. Your breasts shouldn’t giggle while exercising. That way you will avoid stretching the skin from around your breasts.

Your goal while losing weight should be maintaining or even increasing your chest to waist ratio. This will make your breasts seem bigger even if you go down a couple of bra sizes. That is the secret to a super sexy body.

Regardless of how much weight you lose you can’t lose your breasts completely. Once you have them you can’t lose them. Your breasts can get smaller or bigger, but what really counts is how you look and feel. If after you lose weight you look in the mirror and you like what you see then you have accomplished your goal.

If you want to lose weight without losing your breasts make sure you follow a good healthy weight loss diet. You should also exercise. Working out will help you lose more weight faster in a natural way. By introducing some chest and back muscle exercises in your workout routine your breasts will benefit a lot. They will receive a lot more support.

You shouldn’t aim to lose weight without losing your breasts. What you should aim for is losing weight and reshaping your breasts so that they will make you even sexier. I wish you good luck.

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