How to Improve Eyesight with a Healthy Diet Plan

July 22, 2010

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When you eat right you feel right. And when you feel right you see right also. Because what a healthy diet plan does is give your body the ingredients necessary for healing all your body. Good food cures and keeps you healthy. It help you body and in turn makes you feel better, have more energy, think faster and also improve your senses. Smell, taste, touch, hearing and sight, all of them can improve if you eat and live right.

As you age your body begins to misfire and show signs of fatigue and wear and tear. At least that’s the popular belief. Once you hit 50 it’s all downhill. Some pessimists go as far as saying that problems begin to occur once you reach 40

What a bunch of nonsense

As time passes and society progresses we have more and more means and ways to benefit from a long life. Hitting 70 shouldn’t be a problem, and passing 90 isn’t a dream anymore. We have unbelievable medical capabilities and more knowledge at own fingertips than we could ever finish. AL we need to do is believe more In ourselves, work out a little and choose a healthy diet plan.

Since the past few years health care costs have sky rocketed, the guys at Agricultural Research Service funded scientist to research the impacts of healthy eating on patients. Led by Dr. Chung-Jung Chiu, scientists performed a long term study on patients age 55 to 80. This study focused mainly on eyesight disorders and eyesight degradation. The scientist monitored dietary preferences and other influences and concluded that the following nutrients work best for eyesight improvement: vitamins E and C, zinc, zeaxanthin, lutein and the omega-3 fatty acids.

The test subjects eyesight wasn’t the only one to improve. The thing about using healthy food as a means of curing yourself is that you can’t cure just one disease. If you cure one difficult disease or issue, you cure all of them. Food doesn’t work selectively. As long as you have a well balanced healthy diet plan that is rich in diversity, coupled with light exercise, like walking each day, heath will be with you.

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