How To Get Your Daily Recommended Iron Intake: high iron foods

June 1, 2009

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You should try to combine your high iron foods with foods that contain lots of vitamin C. That way you will benefit from the fact that vitamin C helps your body absorb the iron.

Don’t drink tea of coffee before or after a meal. These beverages reduce the percentage of iron that gets assimilated by your body.

The daily recommended intake of iron is of 15 mg. If you eat more than 20 mg of iron per day you might get an upset stomach, constipation and blackened stools.

Spinach: is much healthier raw in a salad. Spinach fortifies your immune system , is nutritious and full of minerals. But the best main feature of spinach is that a spinach diet is a great way to eliminate toxins form your body and your digestive tube gets cleaned. Spinach also stimulates the gastric, pancreatic and bile secretions and also prevents gum infections.


Pumpkins: are full of vitamin E and good quantities of iron. You should really find ways to include it into your regular meals. It is also said that pumpkin improves fertility too. There are no scientific proofs. But studies have shown that by eating pumpkin you will reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer. The pumpkin seeds are great for eliminating the intestinal parasites, unclogging of the blood vessels, in stimulating the activity of kidneys and in regulating the level of cholesterol.

Soya: studies haven’t yet shown if genetically modified soya has the same benefic effect on the human body as natural soya has. I recommend that you eat natural soya for its rich contents of iron. Besides iron soya also contains zinc and vitamin K. Soya is a great substitute of meat and it really useful in reducing the cholesterol level.

Cabbage: is full of iron, sulfur, potassium salts, starch, sodium, iodine, copper, carbohydrates and vitamins. Cabbage is in its self a full meal. By eating cabbage, you can get rid of gastric ulcer, and it helps minimize the symptoms of sugar diabetes. Rheumatism can be relieved and prevented by eating lots of cabbage. Chronic constipation can also be treated by eating cabbage.

Blackberries: have hypoglycemic properties, limiting the production of insulin. If you eat lots of blackberries you will prevent some forms of cancer, especially colon and stomach cancer, because of the dietary fibers they contain. Blackberries are a great way to detoxify your body too. Also they contain lots of iron.

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