How to get the most out of a massage session

April 29, 2009

Health & Motivation

Going for the first time for a massage session is like losing your virginity. You are excited but don’t know what really to expect. It’s normal after all someone else will see you naked and touch you. And after your first massage session you are hooked. I know I was.

There are some unwritten rules when it comes to getting a massage. First you should arrive before your appointment. You will get a robe and directed to the locker room to change. You can get all naked or, if you are a little shy, you can use a swimsuit.

You lie on the massage table and the masseur or masseuse will put a towel over you, letting visible only the zones that will get massaged.


The massage room is all warm and nice. In some cases you can benefit of aromatherapy because of the incense that will help you relax even more. Your masseuse will ask you questions meant to help you get the maximum benefit out of the massage session. It is important to tell him/her all you fee, what muscles hurt, if you are getting to hot or too cold or if you feel that a certain portion of your body needs a deeper massage. Close your eyes and let your mind fly free exploring the realm of imagination and possibilities. Get comfortable, relax and let someone else take care of you.

All good things have an ending and the same goes for your massage session. After your massage session you will feel more at peace and relaxed. You might feel some tension in your muscles fur your mind is oh so clear. It is a good idea to drink water or natural juices to help your body detoxify itself. After I finish my massage all I can think is :” Again, I want another massage again. I feels so good.”. As you are already in the spa make an appointment for the next massage session. It is best to space the massage sessions one week apart , well at least that works best for me. But make the appointment to make sure you will keep on going to massage.

If you want and you feel you have gotten a good treatment you can tip the masseuse or masseur. Your gesture won’t get unnoticed the next time you come by.

After the massage don’t go home directly. Enjoy the wellbeing state and take a walk. You can go window shopping or in the park. Buy a relaxing tea, go home, put on your favorite relax music, drink the tea. That’s a good ending for your massage experience. Enjoy.

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