How to Get Rid Of Insomnia by Eating Healthy Food

July 7, 2009

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Sleepless nights can be a temporary annoyance or a permanent one. Insomnia can be caused by stressful situations or it can be the result of chronic stress. Other causes of insomnia are indigestion, asthma, hypoglycemia or it can be the side effect of using drugs or drinking too much alcohol.

The symptoms of insomnia are the inability of sleeping, waking up several times every night. A feeling of irritability, tiredness and being sleepy when you wake up.

There are a couple of foods that could help you get rid of insomnia. Bread, pasta, potatoes and rice are foods rich in carbohydrates. A supper full of foods containing carbohydrates and few proteins will prepare your body for sleep.


Scientists say that it is recommended to also eat turkey meat, banana, yogurt or dates. The lack of vitamin B6 from your organism is associated with insomnia and that is why you should eat lean meat and low fat milk because they contain B6. Mackerel, salmon, sardines, are other recommended foods to help you get rid of insomnia.

You won’t believe it but nutritionists and specialists recommend eating sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds to cure insomnia. Sesame is also good and helpful in the fight against insomnia.

Red meat, chicken meat, fish, cereals, and green vegetables give your body all the iron it needs. Some research projects have revealed that the lack of iron or a low level of iron in your body can lead to insomnia.

Lettuce, especially the wild ones, have in their components a sedative substance. Eating a lettuce salad just before going to sleep at night is a great way to ensure a good night sleep. Also maybe you should avoid eating salads containing lettuce during the day if you don’t want to feel sleepy.

Some foods you should avoid eating if you are suffering from insomnia are: butter, margarine, cookies, biscuits, foods rich in fats and calories, coffee, cola, medicine that contain caffeine.

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