How to Get Rid Of Depression by Eating the Right Food

July 7, 2009

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Depression is characterized by deep and enduring feelings of sadness, pessimism, a low desire to do the daily activities. Some of the causes of depression include but are not limited to stressful events like the loss of a close friend, changing your job or getting fired, money problems… Fortunately you can get rid of depression if you desire.

Some of the symptoms of depression are anxiety, the loss of good humor, a low energy level, tiredness, lack of focus, lack of self-esteem, guilt and pessimistic feelings related to the future. Depression can be also related to insomnia and a lack of appetite.


There are some foods that can help you get rid of depression. Now you shouldn’t expect to get cured of depression over night just by eating some foods. But eating the following recommended foods and following a doctor prescribed medicine cure you will get rid of depression faster. And that is the real goal, getting rid of depression faster and staring enjoying life once more.

Some foods that help you get rid of depression are cabbage, beet, cauliflower, asparagus or black beans which are rich in vitamin B. You should also eat whole grain cereals, light meat and low fat milk.

There are also some foods you should avoid eating if you are depressed. You should avoid eating sugar, honey, sweets, biscuits, cookies and soft drinks. Avoid eating foods which increase very fast the level of sugar in your blood creating a sugar rush.

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