How to get rid of cellulite: cardio workout is the answer

March 20, 2009

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Cellulite is the inflammation of the skin tissues. In most cases cellulite is localized on certain parts of the body but in some extreme cases it can overrun almost all the surface of the skin. The body deposits fat in specialized cells named adipocytes. When we deposit more then we consume, we don’t flush out the toxins that accumulate in our body and we hold water, cellulite appears. Cellulite is an accumulation of fat at the skin level.

Usually cellulite appears on the thighs, butt and belly. The skin takes the appearance of an orange peal and in more advanced cases cellulite takes the outer from of deeper dimples that can be observed when you pinch the skin between two fingers (this experiment might hurt). In many cases the dimples can be seen with the naked eye which isn’t a good sign. That is why descriptive names for cellulite include orange peel syndrome, cottage cheese skin, the mattress phenomenon, and hail damage. Synonyms include: adiposis edematosa, dermopanniculosis deformans, status protrusus cutis, and gynoid lipodystrophy. Cellulite is unrelated to cellulitis, which is infection of the skin and its underlying connective tissue. If you are skinny there is no guarantee that you won’t or don’t have cellulite. Cellulite doesn’t keep track of the number of pounds you have. The good news is that thru working out regularly you can improve the look of your skin by lowering the cellulite degree. The anti-cellulite workout are cardio exercises.


The most effective physical exercises to get rid of the excess fat are the cardio ones. The specialists recommend in the fight against cellulite cardiovascular physical exercises every day or at least every two days. That way you can attack directly the fat deposits accumulated over time. Cardio workout is an aerobic workout which are fat burning workouts. Aerobic exercises burn calories on the spot, and the muscle energy is formed by burning energetic substances in the presence of oxygen. The cardio workout improves the functioning and capacity of the circulator and respirator systems, increases blood flow and the capacity of muscles of developing energy in the aerobic way and the metabolizing of fats.

Cardio means doing the following physical activities: running/jogging, walking at an alert pace, bicycling, swimming, dance, tae bo, rowing.

The key is sustained effort

All of the above mentioned physical activities must be done in an alert and sustained rhythm that generates a certain number of heart beats. You have to have roughly between 140-160 heat beats. That way you will burn calories. The number of calories burned differs from person to person depending on their age, weight and sex. Men have fewer adipocyte cells than women and that is why men don’t have the same problems with cellulite like women.

For the cardio workout you can use the bicycle, stepper or the running track. Only the cardio exercises aren’t enough against cellulite, but you need then because you burn the fat deposits and it makes it easier to buff up the muscles thru anaerobic exercises. The best thing you can do is to combine the aerobic effort with the anaerobic effort for maximum effect.

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