How to Choose an Effective Weight Loss Diet Program

January 29, 2010

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There are lots of ways to lose weight and I will help you find out all about the most popular weight loss diet programs and weight loss supplements and about the famous group weight loss programs. You will find out which are the most useful, efficient and safe and which ones you have to give up.

Knowing each and every one of them, you will be able to settle down on the weight loss program that is the most suitable and safe for you. Therefore you will not be forced to spend nothing on all sorts of weight loss products that are useless to you.

Obesity is a risk factor in various diseases: hypertension, gout, diabetes, coronary insufficiency and cardiac hyperlipidemia (excessive levels of lipids in the blood), gallstones, respiratory insufficiency, rheumatologic diseases.

So this is not a problem that can be treated in a few months. Specialists know that it is a big effort to lose weight effectively and you need a healthy weight loss program or diet that will help you lose weight in time and will help you keep the fat off. Otherwise, everything will be a waste of time.

Diet mania: famous weight loss diets that are risky

The most popular low-carbohydrate diets / high-protein diets

Many of these diets rely on theories about insulin, which would increase (estimate those who claim the beneficial effects of these diets) in people who consume carbohydrates and the role of insulin is to store fat in the body. And to tear down this theory, why Japan has (which abounds in diets rich in carbohydrates – rice grains, vegetables) the lowest obesity rate?

Therefore, insulin does not store calories as fat, that only if you burn more calories each day than you consume. The source of the calories, protein, carbohydrate or fat does not matter when it comes to losing weight. If you indeed consume more calories than your body can burn, insulin plays an important role in transporting those calories to fat cells.

As a last argument against these diets refers to the restrictions on some foods that are known to be healthy and beneficial for our body (fruit, vegetables and starch grains), because they help prevent many diseases. In fact, one of the easiest ways to reduce cancer risk is the consumption of at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day (impossible in case of low-carbohydrate diets).

The Atkins Diet. Of all the diets we will list, it restricts carbohydrates consumption the most. Eliminating or significantly reducing the consumption of food – fruits, grains, sweets, starchy foods, cereals, pasta, and flour – is really the key that gives a lasting weight loss? But are you able to abstain for life from all this food? That is in real life of course?
The “Protein Power” Diet, very similar to the Atkins diet, in the first part of the diet, the body will burn carbohydrate stores, and then will stretch muscle tissues resulting proteins for energy. This process leads to the elimination of large amounts of water, hence the loss in pounds from the early weeks of the diet. But attention these weight losses are on the removal of pound of water and not fat. Remember that your goal is to keep as much muscle and to maintain a high metabolism – you do not want your body to use muscles to produce energy. And the weight loss process stops when adding back carbohydrates to the diet. So if you intend to eat normally (and it will happen for sure) expect all the pounds you lost with this diet to come back (to remember: the weight gain following the reintroduction of carbohydrates in the diet is caused taking back the water and not fat);
Lifespan Program on carbohydrate addiction – the authors believe that this program can eliminate cravings for carbohydrates, limiting their consumption as much as possible and placing them only on certain tables. To successfully treat cravings for carbohydrates you should treat the things that push you to the appetite. Reducing stress, mastery of the emotions and sport will help you increase levels of serotonin and endorphins and thus control the cravings;
The "Sugar Busters" Diet – it limits the consumption of some sugars and starchy foods. Again, it should be noted that nothing is stored as fat, unless you are consuming more calories than the body can burn. The idea of this program to reduce the consumption of sugars and foods that do not provide nutrients is very good, but not the large blame that the insulin takes, as the main cause of obesity. Also, combining different foods alters the response of insulin;
The "The Zone" Diet – the author says that by composition a the diet plan menu that contains exactly 30% protein, 30% fat and 30% carbohydrate for each meal or snack will help you get in "the zone" for burning calories. However, it is likely to lose a few pounds since 1200-1700 does not exceed the number of calories consumed daily. But how easy can one follow this diet for life?

Diets based on certain foods

The "Eat Right 4 Your Type" Diet – requires a proper nutrition for each blood group, taking into account the pedigree. For example, if your blood group is A and your ancestors were farmers it is assumed that you will be a vegetarian (you will avoid consumption of animal products);
The "Beverly Hills" Diet – is a combination of inadequate food leads to weight gain. In the first two days of this diet you are allowed to eat only certain fruits and vegetables, on the third day you eat only grapes;
The Cabbage Soup Diet – gives you the freedom to eat cabbage soup, fruit, coffee and tea in the quantities you want, but you are limited to these foods. It is a very low calorie diet, which induces rapid loss of fluids and therefore a rapid weight loss. But how long will this happen?

In conclusion, after evaluating the diets above we offer you a tip: do not follow a restrictive diet, unbalanced, expensive or unhealthy to your body. A mild calorie deficit combined with sport and a positivistic attitude will ensure effective weight loss, healthy and long lasting. This is the result reached by many experts in the field after long research.

Group weight loss programs

Weight Watchers – this program is based on a low calories diet (without restriction of food), sports and a positivist attitude. The program includes an extremely useful therapy group in maintaining the gained figure. Weight Watchers program has been developed by psychologists, physiologists and nutritionists;
Jenny Craig – is a program similar to Weight Watchers. The only disadvantage is that the program requires the consumption of food registered under the brand Jenny Craig; • The "Overeaters Anonymous" – it is similar to the Alcoholics Anonymous program. It is very useful for people that can’t control their food cravings;
The TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) – offers you the chance to come up with your own diet analyze it with other volunteers and experts in the field;
"The Solution" program – it is not focused on diet, but on the ideas of healthy living, sports, emotional control, and on an positivistic education of the mind, body and spirit.

How to evaluate how healthy a weight loss diet program is

Almost any weight loss diet can help you in losing unaesthetic weight, but only if you have enough motivation. When you decide on a specific diet, you should think of it as an adopted life style. What are the elements necessary for weight loss with lasting impact?

A weight loss program should contain the following features:

1. The diet must be safe and healthy. It necessarily must contain daily requirement of vitamins, minerals and proteins, so it should only reduce calories, but not essential foods.
2. There must be a plan that offers slow and sure weight loss. Expect to lose only 2 pounds per week and only after the first two weeks of diet. If low-calorie diets lose pounds very quickly and in very short time spans, these losses will consist only in water and, not in fat.
3. If you plan to lose 33-44 pounds and if you have health problems you should really consult with a physician about the diet you will adopt.
4. The program must contain a plan to keep the figure gained after the diet. Choose a program that will permanently change your eating habits, physical activity level and lifestyle that led you to gain weight in the past.
5. Any program must provide information about additional costs that are involved. I mean, if you will have to buy herbs, vitamins, minerals or other supplements you really need to consult a specialist before following the instructions of the program.
6. Check sources of nutrition and advice on diets

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