How to beat sugar addiction and start living healthier

Sweets are a temptation that is hard to resist. Bright tantalizing advertizing influences our psychic and draws us without knowing to these delicious foods that are highly toxic for your body.

What contains sweet that is so vital to our existence and wellbeing? Nothing! What vital nutrients do sweets give us? None! The basic components of sweets are sugar, margarine, white flour and lots of unhealthy food additives.

What you will always find in sweets is refined sugar. Sugar has many side effects that influence your health in a negative way. You can get addicted to sugar but the good news is that you can quit eating sugar if you have enough willpower and realize that your health is much more important in the long run. Sweets not only make you fat but also create all sorts of health problems.

Stopping eating sugar is the equivalent of to stopping taking a drug. For many sweets aren’t just a dessert but the main course, giving them energy and consolation to surpass the tough times in their life.


Here are some simple to implement ideas to help you beat your sweets addiction:

  • Take nutritional supplements containing chrome. Chrome reduces the desire to eat sweets by regulating blood sugar. Chrome is an essential mineral in metabolizing sugars, helping the decomposition of sugar so that it can be used by your organism. If your body doesn’t have the necessary supply of chrome then your blood sugar and cholesterol level goes up making you tired. A lack of chrome also gives a helping hand to the process of getting fatter opening the gates for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
  • Replace sweets with fruits and honey. When you feel the need for something sweet don’t reach for a twinkie. Reach for an apple, orange or whatever fruit you like the most. Try eating a spoon of honey. Dried fruits are great and oh so sweet.
  • Eat in the morning fruits and fresh natural juices. Prepare a fruit salad in which you can throw in some raisins, nuts and one spoon of honey. You will have a delicious and nutritious breakfast that will give you energy all day long.
  • Eat between the meals whole food snacks. Eat fruits dried or fresh, fresh natural juices. Natural sugar is needed by your body and it is much easily absorbed.
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