How to Adapt Your Eating Habits To Your Day to Day Life

July 8, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

If you are stressed: eat foods rich in vitamin B which regulates the functioning of your nervous system. A piece of liver, a bowl of green vegetables, a piece of tuna or salmon or seafood can save you from the devastating effects of stress. You can also eat a fistful of peanuts, nuts or dates because these are the fruits with the biggest contents of magnesium, the main enemy of stress.

If you are depressed: eat cereals and dried vegetables (beans, peas) or take a banana diet which stimulates serotonin production, the hormone of happiness.

If you are cold: feed yourself with grated carrots, with broccoli or with red peppers. Don’t forget about onion or garlic which are great for digestion.

If you are constipated: eat more whole grain bread (3-4 slices daily and 50g of cereals) and try to eat more apples and yogurt.


If you must go to sleep late at night: drink some lemon or orange juice around 18.00 and eat a protein rich meal. For example have yourself a steak, scrambled eggs or some fried fish.

If you want to sleep better: in this case you need to eat eggs, dairy products, fatty fish, bananas and chicken. To this you can ad grapes, figs and dates. Try and eat more whole grains and cereals (rich in vitamin B6). In the evening drink a glass of warm milk sweetened with 2 spoons of honey.

For the ladies who are awaiting their menstrual cycle: choose foods rich in vitamin B (such as cereals, soy, spinach) which avoid water retention and participate in decomposing some hormones (such as estrogens) in the liver. During menstruation, eat lots red meat, because it is rich in iron. And after each meal have yourself a freshly squeezed glass of lemonade rich in vitamin C to help iron and calcium assimilation.

If you suffer from headaches during long drives: To get rid of car sickness nibble on savory or chew ¼ lemon.

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