How Often Should You Workout

June 11, 2009

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An imbalanced lifestyle brings only nasty complications. From a physical and mental standpoint working out is a necessity. If you don’t work out frequently, taking big breaks, you will get fat eventually.

A study has proven the consequences of stopping working out and adopting a momentary couch potato lifestyle. The study done by the Berkeley Lab’s Life Science Division showed that just by stopping for a short while from exercising you run the risk of getting some extra pounds. If you want to lose weight and stay fit you need to work out frequently and without stopping.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking that you can stop the workout schedule thinking that you can restart working out. Even if you keep your promise and restart working out you will get out of shape fast. You cannot keep your fit physical condition by lying around. The price of taking a break is too high.


It is a well known fact that if you increase the length and intensity of the physical activity you do you will lose weight easier. But if you reduce the intensity or even stop working out your weight loss progress will slow down, stop or you will even gain weight. The Berkeley scientists give as an example the fact that if by jogging you lose x pounds when you stop jogging you will gain back those x pounds in the same amount of time in which you lose them.

You have to work out a couple of times every week. That is how you will stay healthy and avoid heart diseases, diabetes or osteoporosis. You will also keep your weight in check or lose weight. If you are a veteran couch potato you can become a more active person by setting as a goal walking 30 minutes daily. Go outside and take a stroll.

By avoiding working out you do yourself a big disservice. The people that don’t work out frequently have a greater chance of getting diseases that drastically shorten their lifespan.

Think twice before saying “Today I don’t feel like going to the gym”. Soon a whole month has passed and you haven’t exercises at all. Frequent physical activity is the key to a healthy life and a awesome looking body. The same goes for a healthy nutrition. You should work out regularly, eat right and sleep at least 8 hours per day. That way you will be in top shape.

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