How Many Calories Does Your Work Burn: your daily caloric portion

August 5, 2009

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Do you know how many calories do your burn at work? Do you know what moves you have to do to burn the excess calories? Find out how to eat right and what you should know about the accumulated and burned calories.

Your daily necessary of calories should be in tune with your age, sex, the activity you do on a daily basis and how fast your metabolism is. Dieting is closely linked to the work you do all week long. You have to pick the weight loss diet you will keep taking into consideration the type of work you do.

Light physical activity jobs like being a lawyer, doctor, teacher, computer programmer, architects need to consume about 15-18 calories per pound. For medium physical activities like being a student, soldier, sales representative the daily needed calories are of 18-20 calories per pound. If you have a job that requires intense physical activity like being a professional athlete or you work in constructions on the site, you need to consume 20-23 calories per pound daily. Just multiply the pounds you have with how many calories your job makes you burn and find out how many calories you should to eat daily.


When you calculate the number of calories you have to consume on a daily basis you have to take into consideration your ideal weight. If your current weight is greater than your ideal weight and you want to lose weight you have to consume 500 less calories. If you want to maintain your current weight all you have to do is eat the amount of calories resulted in the previous formula.

Healthy eating habits must be balanced form a nutritious standpoint. There must be an optimum ratio between the food you eat as a caloric source. There also must be a harmony between the different kinds of food you eat daily.

In your daily meals you should include foods made out of cereals, vegetables, fresh fruits, a small quantity of meat and cheese. You can also eat foods containing some animal fats or dessert from time to time. A good eating rule is avoiding eating highly processed foods which contain lots of fats and are very unhealthy.

In case you want to increase the quantity of calories you burn on a daily basis you can try the following physical activities. Here is how much calories you burn doing them:
-1 minute of activity around the office burns 3 calories
-1 minute of fast pace walking burns 5 calories and one of bicycling 5,5 calories
-1 minute of tennis burns 7 calories
-1 minute of rapid swimming, ski, dance burns 15 calories

The doctors recommend that you do 30-45 minutes of light to medium of exercises. Physical activity is healthy and good for you. What exercises do you do to keep in shape?

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