How to Plan Your Dinner Dates

August 23, 2012

Diet Foods

One of the biggest risks to a successful diet is eating out.  For most people, the occasional dinner at a restaurant is inevitable.  Because you have no control over what’s on the menu, sticking to your diet can be tricky.  As a result, it’s important to form a plan before your dinner dates.

Research the restaurant.
Many restaurants post their entire menu online allowing you to perform adequate research before you go out.  Be sure to highlight the healthiest options and go to dinner with a specific plan of what you plan to eat and drink.  By doing so, you can avoid being tempted by other less healthy food options.

Avoid certain menu items.
While it may be tempting to order the fried chicken or other fatty foods, you should avoid them unless the portions are small.  Menu items that are rich with butter and sauces should also be avoided.  These additional flavorings can add a significant amount of calories to your meal.

Choose an appetizer for your main course.
Appetizers at a restaurant are often served in more reasonable portion sizes than entrees.  As a result, you can avoid a high calorie meal by ordering an appetizer and a salad on the side.

Modify when necessary.
Most restaurants will cater to you if you have special dietary needs.  Making special requests at a restaurant is okay should be a regular aspect of your dining out experience.  Most items on a menu can be more diet friendly after just a few minor adjustments.


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