Hilary Duff’s Diet and Exercise Tips for Maintaining Your Ideal Weight

December 6, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Original Disney Teen Queen and Singer-actress Hilary Duff has seen her weight go up and down, from overweight to skinny and finally, to the perfect killer body. Read on to find out more how the 23 year old beauty finally found the perfect solution to her weight issues.

"I used to obsess about my weight. I gained weight when I ate too much french fries, chicken fingers, that sort of thing. Then I became obsessed with working out." Hilary admits. "So I became super skinny and people started to speculate that I was doing drugs. It’s like your’e damned if you do, your’e damned if you don’t."

Now, Hilary has slimmed down to her ideal weight, and she credits her fit figure to eating small meals, which are low fat and low carbohydrate, throughout the day. Hilary’s diet has become a trademark in the fitness and health industry.

hilary-duff.jpgHilary Duff’s diet is composed of greens, fresh fruit, nuts and lean protein. Junk food, fast food and cola are a big no-no.

"I’ve learned to cook." Hilary says proudly. "My current fave are root veggies brushed with olive oil and herbs."

Hilary Duff’s exercise routine includes swimming, strength training and Pilates. She works on her Pilates Reformer Machine at least four times a week to tone up her body without bulking up too much.

“You’ll never hear me say, ‘Ugh, I have to go to Pilates,’” says Hilary. “I love what it does for my body. It keeps me toned and feeling strong. That’s all the motivation I need.”

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