Herbal Slimming Tea for Weight Loss: the truth about any diet tea

Lately there is an increasing buzz around slimming teas making them popular beverages. As the epidemic if fatness is spreading around the world fueled by fast food people turn to any easy hope for fast weight loss. Diet teas present themselves as a fast and easy way to get rid of all those extra pounds. But are they any good. Find out if by drinking diet tea or slimming tea each day you will really lose weight.

The slimming the was first discovered and used over 4000 years ago in China. Today there are many varieties of diet teas, the most popular slimming teas being green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea and puerh tea. Many types of tea are made from the same plant that thrives in some regions of China and India. What differentiates the teas is the way they are processed and prepared, giving them their unique taste and flavor.


The health benefits of slimming teas has been acknowledged even in a Tv show done by Oprah Winfrey. The discussion about green tea weight loss done on that show made many people try out the miraculous fat burning diet tea. But how can you go about losing weight with the help of any diet tea.

The weight you lose and how fast you lose it depends on the type of slimming tea that you use. There are many ways to use diet teas to help you lose weight.

The Chinese slimming teas contain lots of caffeine and another component called catechin polyphenol. This two components of any diet tea work together to increase the burning process of fats in your body by increasing your metabolic rate. A faster metabolism means you can burn more calories daily which in turn makes you slimmer.

Another way sliming teas help you lose weight is by making the burning of carbs much more easier. Diet teas contain some enzymes that prevent the rise of blood sugar once you eat a food containing lots of carbs.

The catechin found in many herbal slimming teas prevents the depositing of sugars and fats which normally would make you even fatter. It prevents the increase of fatty cells in your body.


Many slimming teas also contain epigalocatecin galate which is a nutritional supplement which is supposed to reduce the level of fats in your body. It is very possible that slimming teas are responsible for restricting the synthesis process which transforms carbohydrates into fats. Studies have showed that by suppressing a certain fatty acid the weight loss process becomes much more faster and natural.

There are many slimming teas you can try which can speed up the burning of the fat deposits from your body. Even if you don’t like how they taste, if you really want to lose weight you have to figure a way to include them in your weight loss diet.

Diet teas don’t only help you lose weight. They also help you gain better health. Who doesn’t want to be healthy? Many people who drink slimming teas frequently reported a reduction in the frequency of headaches, depression and constipation.

Because of the high quantity of antioxidants they contain your body will be able to fight more easily against the free radicals. The free radicals found in your body can be the cause of some serious illnesses including cancer and cardiovascular diseases. By drinking slimming teas your immune system becomes fortified and can handle any heath problem much more easily. It will fight off bacterium and viruses without breaking a sweat.


Studies have also shown that by drinking diet tea frequently you also reduce the level of cholesterol form your body. This means that you lose weight easily and in a healthy way.

If you want to maximize your weight loss results you should drink dieting teas while dieting and exercising. Eat healthy meals that contain foods with few calories in them. Go join a gym or start jogging. You should work out 3-4 times each week.

The main benefits of slimming teas:

  • -they contain no calories
  • -hydrate your body
  • -stop you from having lots of food cravings and reduce your appetite
  • -prevent the forming of blood clots
  • -reduce the chance of ever getting a cardiovascular or respiratory disease
  • -they have an anti-inflammatory effect
  • -you can use diet teas as energizers.

Because diet teas have an energizing effect you won’t feel out of energy while dieting and losing weight. This is a big plus in my book.


The main drawbacks of frequent diet tea consumption are:

  • -dizziness
  • -tiredness
  • -being agitated constantly
  • -dryness of the mouth
  • -insomnia
  • -dehydration

A anything good is you abuse it you will get in trouble. So don’t go overboard. Moderation is key for many things in life, including drinking slimming teas.

By drinking lots of liquids you detox your body, burn more calories and hydrate your organism all at the same time. But when you keep a diet which includes slimming teas you should use caution and moderation. Eat healthy food and give your body all the essential nutrients it needs.

What slimming tea have you ever used or want to use? What results did you get or you expect to get by using a diet tea?

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