Helena Christensen’s Diet and Exercise Tips

December 5, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

As one of the original supermodels to make it big in America, Helena Christensen sure makes looking good seem effortless. The 5 foot 10 inch supermodel, supermom and photographer has been hailed time and time and again as One Of The World’s Most Beautiful.

"Staying in shape is all about common sense." Helena says confidently. "If you want to eat lots, than you got to be prepared to work out properly."
Helena-Christensen.jpgHelena Christensen’s diet consists of eating 5 small well-balanced meals a day while practicing portion control.

Helena’s diet contains 55% to 60% of carbohydrates from vegetables and cereals; 15% of nutrients from eating vegetables and fruits; another 15% for proteins; and 10% from fats.

"I’m such a pig! I’m obsessed! Food is like, 75% of my brain." She shares with a laugh. 

Helena Christensen’s exercise routine, includes dancing, rotating lunges, boxing, swimming, and playing tennis. 

Recently, she joined a new class called the Jukari Fit to Flex, which is a program inspired by the flexibility of Cirque du Soleil performers, to improve her core strength and tone her body.

"Your body requests certain things at certain times." Helena says. "You just have to listen to it."

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