Helen Hunt’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Discipline and Perseverance

January 26, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Hollywood is surely mad about Helen Hunt. The 5 feet tall Oscar Winning actress has acted in a lot of memorable movies in Tinseltown: Twister, Cast Away, What Women Want and Pay It Forward, to name a few. She may be 47 years old, but her youthful good looks and slim figure betrays her age, thanks to her healthy eating and exercise habits.

"It’s a good life." She says with a smile. "I eat healthily, I exercise. I surf. I want to be like this groovy person."

Helen-Hunt.jpgHelen Hunt’s diet follows portion control, which gives her no food restrictions of any kind as long as she controls her serving sizes and eats in moderation. This helps the individual stick to the eating plan better because it eliminates the feeling of food deprivation commonly present in other diets.

For Helen Hunt’s exercise routine, she does spinning classes to help in burning a lot of calories and toning up the muscles.

One great thing about this activity is it allows you to train or work out even during off season. It also meets all individuals with different ability levels. Spinning classes are typically done within a fitness studio wherein instructions will guide the participants through the different workout phases.

Helen Hunt’s exercise routine also includes different forms of cardiovascular workouts like running, walking, jogging, bicycling, hiking and other forms that can increase the heart and respiratory rate temporarily. This kind of exercise allows the burning of 300 to 600 calories per exercise. Hence, it helps a lot in burning of a lot of calories and also in weight loss and weight maintenance.

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