Heather Locklear’s Diet and Exercise Routine: A Role Model For Women Her Age

January 24, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

On-screen Melrose Witch and offscreen rock n’ roll wife Heather Locklear is making heads turn in Sin City. This 5 feet 5 inch celebrity has been in tip top shape for decades, it’s hard to believe she’s 46! Here she spills on her secrets to looking fabulous at whatever age you’re in.

"I can honestly say I look better today." She says. "I work out regularly, and I eat really healthily."

Heather-Locklear.jpgHeather Locklear’s diet contains a lot of fruits, vegetables, and sushi. She actually has a soft spot for junk foods and likes eating French fries and ice cream but she balances her treats with indulging in healthy foods especially fruits and vegetables.

“I feel more confident about myself now than I did 20 years ago,” says Heather.

Heather Locklear’s exercise routine involves working out with her personal trainer Garrett Warren. She actually spends one hour in the gym for 5 times a week with her personal trainer or even on her own. Heather Locklear’s exercise routine includes 10-minute warm-up, with upper body with chest flyes, lateral raises, and bench presses. For her lower body exercises, she does walking lunges, kickbacks, and karate kicks.

Her routine also involves cardio exercises especially done using the treadmill which is actually one of the recommended activities of her personal trainer. She also does yoga that helps in keeping the balance between her mind, body and spirit.

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