Healthy Food Recipes Should Include Smaller Food Portions

July 20, 2010

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A recent study conducted by Dr. Jeff Brunstrom of the University of Bristol UK have proven that it’s not the size of the meals that counts, but our perception of them.

The research was done by splitting similar test subjects into two groups. In the first test they were each given a smoothie. They were all shown pictures of the fruits the smoothies contain. The difference between groups being that one was shown pictures with smaller portions, and the other pictures with bigger portions. Both groups consumed the same quantity of smoothie but the groups who was showed the larger portions were more satisfied with the meal. Test subjects were asked about the level of satiation and satisfaction after the meal and also 3 hours later. The group who thought it ate more was more satisfied.

In a second test, subjects were given a bowl of soup. Attached to the bowl was a small pump through which researchers manipulated the quantity of soup each test subject was given. Sometimes they had more to begin with and the pump was started to drain soup while they were eating. Sometimes they had less to begin with and then more soup was pumped while they were eating. Even in this experiment, test subjects who thought they had more were more satisfied and for longer periods of time

Now for the important part. How can these results help you? Easy, with a simple mental exercise.

What you need to do is alter your perception of food and food portions so that you eat less but feel better and less hungry all of the time.

You will have to take a small break before each meal, in the beginning at least, and just imagine the plate growing bigger and bigger. Imagine you have more food on than you could possible eat. While your inside your mind, thinking how big your portions is, slowly move you head closer and closer to the plate until your almost touching it with your nose. When you get this close and your portion looks so big that it could feed a whole baseball team, snap a mental picture of eat.

You will only have to do this for a couple of weeks in the beginning. While you do this exercise, slowly make your portions smaller with each meal. Also remember to eat slowly, in a bright lit room and with company preferable. Turn of the radio or TV, talk with whomever your eating with and if you are alone, no problem. Just eat your food alone in silence. It helps if the only noise you hear is you chewing your food. This will make you more aware of the fact that you are eating and how big your portions are. You can even use it to lose 30 pounds.

Take your time, and try to enjoy each meal more. Good luck!

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