Healthy Eating Tips to Help You Get Fit and Stay Fit

February 12, 2010

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Of course you know what the main "directive" of a healthy diet is: food variety, as many fruits and vegetables, salads, fish, chicken, water … However though, there is always something to be learned in the field, issues you have not thought about before and that could help you have a nice and fine figure, but also to maintain your health. Here are some healthy eating tips to help you:

Leave the table before you are full

Do not understand by this that from the desire to maintain your figure you should deprive your body of food. Not even close. If we talk in percentages, we say that ideally you should leave the table being about 80% full, in other words, you would want to eat some more, but you should give it up. Digestion will be faster, so will the process of burning fat and you will not feel tired or drowsy, as it usually happens after a meal.

Go on a detox diet from time to time…

American specialists on the issues of nutrition consider that following a diet to eliminate toxins accumulated in the body (toxins are some substances with a negative effect on the body) is very beneficial – that is why, try to eliminate fat and fried foods from your nutrition, replacing them with fruits, vegetables and salads (with olive oil and lemon juice). Drink only plain water (with a slice of lemon) and teas. Generally we recommend foods with a low glycemic index like fruits, oranges, apples, pears and grapefruit.The lemon detox diet is awesome.

What about beneficial bacteria?

It is not a figure of speech, but a truth: Not all bacteria are harmful. For example, probiotics, can be found as additives in milk and their role is to balance the intestinal flora, to help assimilate nutrients and to stimulate the immune system.

Prebiotics enter the category of beneficial bacteria – they are dietary fibers present in certain foods (bananas, leeks, onions, artichokes, bread, corn flakes). Their function is to stimulate the emergence and the functioning of probiotic bacteria. That is why you should combine foods to offer both types of bacteria. For example, eat yogurt with cereal several times a week.

The advantage of consuming wheat bran

Frequent consumption of wheat bran increases beneficial bacteria in the body, and at the same time, significantly counteracts the harmful bacteria located in the colon – and this double process itself is known as a multibiotic effect. It is therefore advisable to opt for wheat bran cereals.

Eat lots of grapefruits

These fruits are a real treasure of antioxidants, but at the same time, they are very rich in sugars – so do not abuse them. One grapefruit for breakfast, three or four times a week is enough and very healthy.

Take your time to eat your meals

I do not have time for this; you could say … Basically, it is true and it also is regrettable. For lack of time (or for the fact that at the end of the day, you are very hungry), you tend to eat quickly, possibly watching the TV or browsing a newspaper.

In both cases, you do not chew food well, and the digestion process is disrupted. It is best to eat slowly, with small sips. Moreover, studies have shown that people that eat slowly reach the state of fullness faster and therefore eat less.

Drink lots of water …

Surely, you already know that it is recommended to drink six to eight glasses of water a day – they are necessary to maintain an optimal level of hydration. You can also try to drink ice tea (perfect for the hot days that are coming), but avoid green tea if you want to remove toxins from the body, because it contains caffeine. Be careful though: it is not advisable to drink water during meals, because you will disturb the digestion process, and encourage fat deposits.

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