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June 10, 2009

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3 meals per day would be a great improvement in the eating habits for many of us. Additionally not everything we eat is healthy for our body. Forget about fast food and junk food. Achieve better health by eliminating the bad eating habits you have. A healthy eating discipline is a must in our increasingly hectic modern times.

Never skip breakfast

Breakfast should be the most nutritious meal of every day. I know people that skip over breakfast daily, drinking only coffee in the morning. A healthy breakfast will give you energy for the rest of the day. By eating a big healthy breakfast you will be energized and not gain any weight.

If you have the nasty habit of skipping breakfast you must reintroduce it gradually in your eating habits. Create a list of food you like to eat and that you can eat in the morning. Eat them, even if you take a few bites, daily. In no time you will be eating breakfast daily and feeling fabulous and healthy all day long.

Never ever starve yourself

If you usually skip breakfast and eat late in the day imagine how your body feels. Pure torture is what you submit your body to daily by starving it. No wonder that, when you get home, you empty the fridge eating everything in sight. You metabolism will run amok and gaining weight is inevitable. Regardless of how busy you are during the day find 5-10 minutes to feed yourself.

Starving puts your body at danger. Your body doesn’t care that you are too busy. You must take care of yourself. Instead of thinking that you will recuperate by eating a lot after work eat light snacks during work. Set goals for your eating habits and make sure they come true. For example establish as a goal eating 5-6 times every day. 3 meals and 2-3 healthy snacks. That way your body will have the energy and resources to support you in achieving any work result that you desire. Eating at night is not the answer.


Eat healthy during the weekends too

Weekends are our fun time. For most of us all the eating restrictions go out the window during the weekend. We fill our stomach with whatever our hearts desire. Most of what we eat is fast food and lots of junk food. Extra fattening and super unhealthy. In just two days all the results obtained during the week are destroyed. Think about all the effort you have done during the week to fend off all the culinary temptations of the weekend. It doesn’t matter is your goal is to lose weight or maintain your weight. The goal should be getting healthier with every passing day. If you have chosen a goal there are no breaks or exceptions just because it is the weekend. You have to eat healthy during the weekend too.

Always make a shopping list when buying food

First get rid of all the unhealthy foods you have in your home. Clean out the fridge, cupboards and secret stashes. Give all that food to charity. Then think about what food you would like to eat at each meal of the day and create a food list. Every week you should have a designated food shopping day. Try to stick only to the items on the list. If needed take a friend with you to make sure you don’t stray from the list. The big no-no are all the food that don’t fit into the healthy lifestyle that you have envisioned for yourself. If you buy them you will be sorry later. Make the right choice from the start.

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