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June 1, 2009

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Avoid eating cholesterol rich foods: you should especially avoid eating animal cholesterol. Animal cholesterol determines the rise of the cholesterol in the blood stream. It also increases the speed of coagulation of blood, leading to the appearance of cardiovascular diseases. Don’t buy fatty meat, avoid eating ice-cream, cream filled cookies, chips. Cook the meat without oil. Grill the meat. It is much more tasty and healthy that way.

Split your daily food into 4-5 meals spread all day long: you should have at least 3 main meals daily. That way you will have a healthy nutrition. Between the meals the snacking should be light: fruits, yogurt, natural juices, water with lemon juice…

Stop eating white flour products: white flout doesn’t have any vitamins or minerals in it (the quantities it has are so small they can be considered nonexistent). White flour products are ideal sources of calories, having very few nutrients. You must do the effort of replacing white four products with whole grain food products.


Use less salt in your cooking: if you want to enjoy a good blood pressure and avoid cardiovascular diseases and other diseases eat less salty foods. To add flavor to the foods you cook use spices.

Limit the quantity of sweet foods that you eat: sugar doesn’t have any proven nutritional value. All the other artificial sweeteners are even more bad for your health than sugar. Replace sugar with honey or fructose.

Eat foods with a low glycemic index: a high level of insulin determined by eating foods with a high glycemic index paves the way to weight gain. Eat natural unprocessed foods that contain a low glycemic index. Reduce the quantity of cooked food that you eat.

Chew your food well: the digestive process starts in your mouth so chew your food well. Help out your body digest the food you eat better. The more you chew the food the better and light you will feel after the meal.

Don’t eat food before going to sleep: there should be a 2 hour time interval between eating and going to sleep. That way you get rid of insomnia and bad dreams. Also you won’t pack fat that easy.

Stop smoking and avoid drinking too much alcohol: smoking over time can lead to cancer and all kind of nasty diseases. Smoking also lowers the quantity of vitamin C from your body. Drinking too much alcohol increases your blood pressure paving the way to much worse diseases. We all know that smoking and alcohol are harmful for your health so to something about them if you are a smoker, drinker or both.

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