Hard Muscles: get muscles as hard as steel

When you think “muscle building” the sculpted like bodies of bodybuilders appear in your mind. The hours and years these people invest in getting muscle mass can give you the creeps. Even if you do not plan to be massive, Kate Moss’s thread like body is not in fashion anymore, The toned and muscular thighs of divas like Beyonce are. Find out how you can get hard muscles of steel.

You can easily get toned muscles by using lighter weights. But weights are used taking into consideration the part of your body that you are working. For example, you will use heavier weights for your thighs and buttocks than for your arms. You have to be aware of the fact that you can change your constitution and that you can have that “hour glass” body that women aspire to for centuries. Become sexy, build hard muscles.


Ten tips for building hard muscles:
1. You do not need any special sporting equipment. A pair of flexible sole sneakers and a cotton training outfit will suffice.
2. Make sure you follow a fitness program that is perfectly adapted to your body and lifestyle. You will need a personal fitness trainer to begin with so that he may supervise your exercises.
3. Whilst exercising, keep your knees a little bent, your back strait and your belly flat. Even if you are exercising on the ground, a good stance will help you make quick progress.
4. Do not bend your body whilst lifting weights. If you realize that you do not have a correct stance whilst working you will have to reduce the weights you use.
5. Try your best to make the exercises correctly. If you make mistakes just for the “sake of sport” you will lose valuable time, and further more, you will get stretches, muscle spasms and other unpleasant things. Real results can only be obtained with a little bit of sustained effort.
6. Always have a bottle of plain water with you. Every time you take a break between series, drink some water, even if you do not feel the need. You must prevent dehydration.
7. Do not forget to warm up before every fitness session. Ten minutes on the bicycle or on the stepper are ideal in combination with stretches.
8. Sleep! You need sleep when you exercise constantly, because your muscles need time to recover. If you consider that you did not have enough sleep one night, it is better to skip the gym that day.
9. Make a meal plan for every day. This way you will prevent the temptation of fast-foods. Try to respect meal times this way you make your stomach’s “job” easier and you keep a favorable metabolism.
10. When you want to increase your muscle mass you need a lot of proteins. Eat grilled chicken, beef or fish with vegetables (fibers), not with potatoes, rice or pasta (carbohydrates). You can “help” your diet by having a protein shake everyday.

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