Gym Rules: How to behave at the gym

February 12, 2010

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As in everyday life, it is important that you respect yourself and the others around you including when you run on the elastic band or you lift weights at the gym. After all, this is your image, image that you gradually build and maintain every day, but that can be shattered so easily … And the effort to recreate it would be considerable and a return to its previous “glory” is not guaranteed. Here are some aspects that must be taken into account by a lady when she shapes her muscles.

Why not admit it: in the gym, we are all vulnerable. In fact, we are there to improve our appearance and feel better in our skin, but we have to get naked in the locker rooms and, inevitably expose ourselves to each other. It is not easy … especially if you have a physical complex. But you have to pass the inherent embarrassment elegantly and feel good about yourself. Here are some gym rules to help you out:


Gym rule number 1: respect the other people in the room

You enter the room determined and set on great things … but your favorite device, the elastic band is occupied, and that person just started the exercise. It is not nice of you to go to him and start asking: "Is this going to take longer?" "I hope that I will not have to wait for half an hour …” The chances that the person would give up the spot to you would be slim to none. But even if this happens, you do not want to know what that person thinks about you.

Gym rule number 2: decency in the dressing room

After you come out of the shower, wrap yourself up with a large towel and get dressed as fast as you can. Even if there are only women around, remember they are strangers and you do not have any reasons to expose yourself in front of them. If all showers are occupied, wait your turn and do not press on those who have already entered. After all, you would not want someone to shout at you to hurry up when you just washed your hair…

Gym rule number 3: warm-up exercises are not made in the locker room

Before you start your program itself, it is natural to warm-up for 10-15 minutes, with slow movements and light running on the spot. You must prepare your muscles and joints for the effort. That way you will avoid gym injuries. Bravo, you are doing it right! But this thing is not done in the dressing room. It is rude towards others and, ultimately, unaesthetic.

Gym rule number 4: be sociable and communicative, but do not exaggerate

Generally, people do not like to talk to strangers when they are in a somewhat embarrassing position – for example, while changing in the dressing room. Of course this is not a general rule; some of us are just free of inhibitions and communicate freely. If you go to talk to someone, follow their reactions: Do they avoid eye contact? Do they respond briefly? Do they blush? All these signals say they do not want to continue the conversation, so do not insist.

Gym rule number 5: meet the so-called "Rules of Procedure"

It would be preferable that after you use it, the dressing room would look exactly the way it looked before you got there. Perhaps it is not always possible, but, to dry your towel, for example, you can use the rooms that are made for that purpose and you do not put it where you think it would look good. Humidity is always a sensitive area and you do not need to complicate the situation.

Gym rule number 6: do not stare at people!

The woman next to you has a beautiful bust. Do you wonder if she has silicone implants? That’s her problem. If you look a little to intense, trying to detect any signs or scars it would be as serious as asking her. The way people look, is their problem … not everybody’s problem.

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