Get Motivation to Lose Weight: Use the Feeling of Being Thin

July 7, 2010

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Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.~Author Unknown

Being this is an awesome experience. The whole world around you will get magically transformed. In many cases your life will get radically better. A joie de vivre will take over you. It’s literally like looking at the world using pink glasses instead of blue ones.

Once you get to taste the feeling of being thin and fit you will be hooked. You will never want to go back to being fat and overweight. That is how powerful the feeling of being thin is. It’s like a drug that is highly addictive.

The great thing about feeling thin is that you can use that feeling to get all the motivation to lose weight that you will ever need. And the best part is that you can get the motivation to lose weight with before you actually lose weight. Here is how you do it:

Think about how your life would be if you were thin. What would be different? How would it be different? Think about how your life would get magically transformed. Take an imaginary walk through one day at your ideal weight. Experience everything and enjoy your future possible life. Feel the feeling of being thin swell up inside you while you are experiencing in your imagination being thin.

Keep the feeling of being thin eve present in your mind while you are struggling to lose weight. Each time a cookie wink at you, begging you to eat it, be strong. Remember how good it feels to be thin. You will be amazed how much power and motivation to lose weight you will be able to draw from this simple exercise. If you don’t know for what you are fighting for you can’t give your best. So sample the possibilities that being thin brings before you start your weight loss program.

One piece of warning. Once you succeed to lose weight your feeling of being thin will be totally different than what you imagined. It will be a thousand times better. Reality can never beat imagination, but imagination can get you a small slice of what reality can be like. Do the exercise now and get all the motivation to lose weight you will need to keep to your dieting plan.

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