Get Good Eating Habits to Improve Your Health

July 7, 2010

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I’m on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it.~Author Unknown

Eating everything that is placed in front of you is the surest way to harm your body. It will take time but overeating and eating lots of low quality foods will harm your body in so many ways that repairing it will become almost impossible. Add to that the insurmountable passing of time and aging, and you can drastically cut off your lifespan by having unhealthy eating habits.

While you are young your body can cope with all kind of abuse. But as you age you will start feeling the results of your past actions. Then it is too late to be sorry. Taking action now will prevent this from happening and will ensure you will enjoy a truly vivacious old age.

To make it so you have to get good eating habits. Your eating habits dictate to a large extent how healthy you are and how healthy you will be in the future. By eating lots of unhealthy foods, chemically filled and fatty foods, you will harm your body. People all around the world are suffering of diseases that were a lot less common in the past. Teenagers have high blood pressure, diabetes is running rampant around the world and don’t get me started on obesity. This makes the drug companies very happy and you dependant on drugs to live.

Mother nature gave us all almost all the natural chemicals and nutrients needed to keep our bodies healthy and in shape. By having good eating habits you make sure you give your body all the nutrients it needs to function properly and fend off health problems.

The biggest thing you could do towards getting good eating habits is eating more fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables. It is amazing how little fruits and vegetables the average man and women eat. Fruits and vegetables are everywhere and in all seasons you can get them. Our modern times are the best times to eat as many fruits and vegetables as we wish. Our ancestors would have killed for this opportunity, and most of us squander it away.

From now on make sure that half your grocery shopping list is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. If you buy them I doubt you won’t eat them. That is a simple trick you can use to get good eating habits. If all you have in the house for desert is an apple I bet you will eat the apple. It taste good, contains few calories, is rich in vitamins and minerals, plus by eating the apple you get to clean your teeth. Just like the old saying: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. You should try it.

For more information on getting good eating habits read Get Good Eating Habits and Set Good Weight Loss Goals.

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