Gaining Weight the Healthy Way

February 2, 2010

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The biggest risks a thin person is exposed to are complications during an operation or a very slow recovery. But this can be corrected by adopting a diet which assures the necessary calories for gaining weight.

Some people are thin no matter how much they eat and are always envied by people around them that easily gain weight. If you think you’re too thin and that a couple of extra pounds wouldn’t hurt here are some pointers which might help.

Adopt healthy eating habits


Gaining Weight is all about consuming foods with high caloric value. Try to increase the quantity of food you eat per day, but don’t forget that it’s very important to avoid fatty foods and sugar. Although it’s true that high fat foods have the most calories they should also be consumed reasonably. But you should focus on foods that have vitamin, minerals and carbohydrates beside fats.

The main meals, especially breakfast should be very important if you want to gain weight. Avoid between meal snacks to increase hunger, or if you can’t resist go for dried fruits, cereal, protein bars or yogurt. Also eat slowly and relaxed to make sure that your digestive system is working properly.

Eat a lot of healthy meals

  • It’s very important that you set your own number of main meals per day (about 5-6 should be recommended) and the time you eat at, and respect them.
  • Drink a lot of high protein drinks like juice, milk, milkshakes or sport drinks
  • Frequently eat starch rich foods like rice, barley, pasta, potatoes, carrots and pumpkin.
  • Always add yogurt, sour cream sauce or other sauce combos on plain foods and salads;

Eat good proteins

Proteins are essential for the body for a good function of the immune system and for a quick recovery. Cereal seeds and peanuts, soy milk are a good source of protein if you’re a vegetarian or milk, yogurt, cheese and eggs for non-vegetarians.

Make sure to include a protein source into each meal. Also eat dried fruits, peanuts, almonds and grapes daily to gain an energy surplus.

Increase your caloric intake

By adding some extra calories to every meal can prove very creative. Try some of these combinations and use your imagination to create some new ones.

  • replace water with skimmed milk in soups or sauces
  • make yourself a fruit shake with skimmed milk
  • add skimmed milk to mashed potatoes
  • add avocado and skimmed cheese to legume salads.

Don’t expect to gain more than 1-2 pounds a week. This is a healthy way to gain weight.

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