Fruits Are The Best Healthy Dessert

Besides having a high water contents, between 70% and 95%, fruits are also rich in carbohydrates. That is why by eating a fruit you can satisfy your desire for sweets. The health benefits of fruits should also be taken into consideration.

The main reason that should motivate you to reach for an fruit instead for a slice of cake is the type of carbohydrates fruits contain. Fruits contain the good type of carbohydrates, that have a low glycemic index. Fruit carbohydrates are absorbed much more slowly than the carbs taken form cookies and junk food.

Based on the quantity of healthy sugars they contain fruits can be split into:

  • -fruits that have about 5% carbohydrates: watermelons, oranges, lemons, grapefruit;
  • -fruits that have about 10% carbohydrates: strawberries, raspberries, apples, peaches, sour cherries;
  • -fruits that have about 15% carbohydrates: apricots, cherries, plums, sweeter apples;
  • -fruits that contain about 20% carbohydrates: bananas, grapes, pears, some types of plums.

The above list is good for fresh fruits. Dried fruits, in the drying process loose water and the glycemic index goes up. But comparing dried fruits with cookies and pastries you should always choose the healthy dried fruits. Even if dried fruits have an increased caloric value, junk food is the equivalent of an atomic bomb full of calories. Dried fruits are healthy and full of dietary fibers.

As an example 100 grams of fresh apricots contain 13% carbs and 85% water. 100 grams of dried apricots contain 68% carbohydrates and only 20% water. If you are on a weight loss diet you should always eat only fresh fruits because of their lower caloric value.

You would ideally eat fruits every day. You should eat 5 times daily and you can incorporate fruits in some of those meals, especially as healthy snacks.

Reasons to eat fruits in stressful situations when you feel the need to eat something sweet:
-fruits have very varied tastes, so you always have something new to try out. You cannot get bored eating fruits. You should expand your horizons and try some exotic fruits too. Maybe you will stumble upon a fruit that will become your new favorite fruit.
-if you find it hard to drink the recommended 8 cups of water per day then you can take a big part of the water from fruits. All you have to do is eat more fruits. Fruits contain between 70% and 95% water.
-fruits have a low energetic value, giving your body fewer calories to burn.
-fruits are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, all the B Vitamins and vitamin PP.
-fruits are full of dietary fibers and pectin that help improve your intestinal transit and give you the feeling of satiety.
-fruits are full of healthy minerals.

Replace the sweets you eat with healthy fruits. As a warning eating too many fruits can open up your sweet tooth and create the perfect conditions for you to go on a sweets binge. Be careful and apply moderation also when it comes to fruits.

From fruits you can also make fresh healthy juices.

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