Forest Whitaker’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Shifting to a Healthy Lifestyle

March 21, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Academy Award winning actor, acclaimed director and producer, Forest Whitaker is among the most famous celebrities of today. He has appeared in various blockbusters award-winning television series like The Shield and CBS drama Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, winning fans all over the world with his great acting skills. Here, Forest elaborates more about his serious diet and exercise routine.

 Forest-Whitaker.jpg“I’ve been trying to take care of myself,” Forest states. “I did meet with a nutritionist for weight loss help and he talked to me about the way I was eating. I shifted the way I was eating, the way I was living.”

Forest Whitaker’s diet plan is the famous vegetarian diet which he has been adhering to for the last 3 years. He shares that he lost almost 80 pounds since he has been doing this diet. Forest shares that he gave up eating meat in his diet when he did an advertisement for animal rights group PETA together with his daughter in 2007.

"Life is full of choices, and many years ago I chose to become a vegetarian, and it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made," says Forest.

Forest Whitaker’s diet plan doesn’t only help him to lose weight but also prevents him from acquiring health problems like heart conditions, diabetes and cancer.

He claims, “The vegetarian diet plan for me has to be the best diet plan and the best healthy weight loss program I’ve ever tried.”

Forest Whitaker’s exercise routine, he does hiking and martial arts which are part of his cardio exercise routine. Other forms of cardio exercises are running, walking, swimming, or calisthenics which can increase the heart rate and respiratory rate temporarily. It can burn as much as 300 to 600 calories per workout effective in losing weight and toning the individual’s body.

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