Food and Depression: 4 foods you can eat to cure depression

January 18, 2010

Health & Motivation

Salmon: It is rich in Omega-3, that, by stabilizing blood pressure and by contributing in lowering triglyceride levels, it has a very important role in preventing heart problems and certain forms of cancer. And of course it is very useful in treating and preventing stress and depression.

Sugar beet: This vegetable is rich in uridine, not very popular in our currently consumed foods. It is best if it is consumed fresh, not only you will have a substantial boost in uridine, but you will also win the other nutrients that sugar beet has to offer(beta carotene, calcium and iron).


Products made out of soya: A vegetarian’s favorite, but not very spread although it is very healthy. Rich in amino acids but cholesterol free, like the salmon rich in Omega-3. Research proved that cheese made out of soy milk(tofu) is much healthier than the milk itself and both prevent prostate cancer, atherosclerosis, depression and even osteoporosis.

Nuts: These tiny fruits are an excellent source of alpha linolenic acid an Omega-3 class acid. According to studies 0.07 ounce of alpha linolenic acid protects the heart and prevents heart conditions.

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