Fitness Questions: 7 frequently asked questions about working out

January 26, 2010

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After you decide to start working out you suddenly find yourself having a couple questions that you never thought of before. I offer this guide, with which you will be able to get a concrete idea about your workout

I want to tone a certain muscle groups. What exercises should I do to remove fat tissue from the respective zone and tone my muscles?

The bad news is that just working out will never have the desired effect no matter how intense or frequent they may be. Working out primarily removes fat, afterwards they become really helpful. To intensify you metabolism and burn fat faster your workout should include cardio exercises like: walking, jogging, bike riding

I want to work out and keep in shape but I just don’t have the time

You’re not the only women in this situation. One of the most common reasons people don’t work out is the lack of time. This just means that you don’t consider keeping in shape a priority. Most people don’t realize that working out only takes a very short amount of time. So it’s not how much you workout but how you workout and what diet you have

What’s the best workout for losing weight?

The secret to a good workout is to include all 3 elements (cardio, strength exercises and stretching). For example: do cardio 3 times a week, strength exercises 2 times a week and stretches each session (before and after)


I’m already on a workout routine for some time. I feel like I’ve peaked and I can’t do more. What can I do?

In moments like this you need a change. One of the best answers for this is the so called interval training and consists of alternating exercises intensive wise. So sprinkle an intense training session once every couple of weeks, also you should always add new exercises while taking out old ones that are boring you

How heavy should the dumbbells be and how many lifts should I do?

There is no template for dumbbells. So you should pick ones fit for your current physical condition, objective and so on.

You should pick some light dumbbells to start with, some that solicit 70% if your capacity and do 8012 lifts a session with them. If you’re a beginner you should pick according to how tired you are at the end of you lift set.

Is it wrong to do exercises that affect just one muscle group?

It’s recommended that there’s a 48 hour period between two thigh workout sessions (can be applied to any muscle) to avoid overworking the muscle.

How can I workout at home, as I don’t have time for the gym

There are a number of workouts you can do at home. All you need is a minimum of props: a couple of dumbbells, and elastic band or a medicine ball. These alone provide tens of useful exercises.

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