Fitness Facts: the truth about some popular fitness myths

October 14, 2009

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There are many fitness myths spread by the media daily. You have to learn the truth and separate the fitness facts from the fitness myths. With no further ado here are some of the widespread fitness myths and the truth about them:

You have to strain your muscles: this is false. The exercises you do should not cause you pain. Getting some muscle sores when you start exercising or doing a new type of workout is normal. But form muscle soreness to muscle pain is a big gap that should never be covered. You don’t have to overwork your muscles to get the benefits of a good workout. The best fitness advice I can give you is if an exercise causes you pain don’t do it.


You should do only aerobic exercises to burn fat: the fact is that you have to do both aerobic and anaerobic exercises if you want to get fit and burn all that excess fat. Try to balance them out.

Women who do strength training get bulky: this is so untrue. If you are a woman I bet your goal isn’t to become a professional bodybuilder. All you want is to get toned muscles that shape and define your body making it smoking hot. If you avoid pumping iron until you are exhausted you won’t gain that many muscles. Besides women don’t have enough testosterone in their body to get big bulging muscles. If you want to be on the safe side do some light anaerobic exercises to get your muscle toned.

You have to be exhausted after an workout to benefit from it: you don’t have to push yourself to your limits to benefit from a workout. But you shouldn’t avoid pushing your body from time to time by raising the intensity of your workout. A good idea is to vary the intensity of your workout each and every time and let your body rest between workouts.

Only by going to the gym can you get in shape: I guess the gyms would love this to be true but the truth is that you don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to get in shape. Any type of exercising is great. You have to figure out what works best for you and your particular lifestyle. For example you can stop using the car and riding the bike to work each day.

Ab crunches are fabulous for burning belly fat: wouldn’t that be nice. Just do 500 ab crunches each day and get a fabulous looking six pack abs. It is true that ab crunches will make your abdominal muscles hard as steel but if they are covered in fat no one will see them. You have to lose weight if you want to make your perfect ab visible.

Working out makes you hungry:quite on the contrary. An intense workout can reduce your appetite and make you eat a lot less food during the day. By working out you become mote tuned in to the needs of your body and you give it only what it needs when it needs it.

You can eat anything your heart pleases if you exercise frequently: unfortunately this is so untrue. Would love to be true but it isn’t. If you eat more calories than you burn during a day you will still get fat. If you want to lose weight fast you have to work out and go on a healthy diet also.

Those are the brutal fitness facts that you have to know if you want to get fit and look great. If you know any other fitness myths please share them in the comment below.

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