Dieting Smart: Finding the Right Diet for You

January 20, 2012

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In a world where organizations mine data at every corner of the web, those who organize that information and present it efficiently, reign king. When it comes to the best diets on the market, FindTheBest has done just that. Whether you’re twenty-three and entering the working world, or about to retire, it’s easy to get stuck on a steady diet of mac’ n cheese. Don’t get me wrong, you can add diced steak or even organic vegetables but you can’t kid yourself. If you want to eat right, you have to think outside the box of mac. With the following top diets, it’s easy to get some ideas that don’t involve cheese and noodles:

(1)  Mayo Clinic Diet

Brought to you by the world renowned Mayo Clinic, this diet involves a change in eating and lifestyle. It’s designed to keep the user healthy and at their ideal weight for the rest of their life; a great alternative to some of the “quick fix” diets on the market.

(2)  Volumetrics 

Originally created by author Dr. Barbara Rolls, Volumetrics is design to avoid the idea of “forbidden foods”. It aims to be the diet for every lifestyle, rather than to change your lifestyle.

(3)  DASH Diet

Brought to you by the National Lung, Blood, and Heart Institute, this diet is targeted for people with hypertension or high blood pressure. Structured around a low sodium diet, DASH may not be the ideal diet for most college students. That being said, anyone can still learn a lot from their approach to healthy eating.

(4)  Sonoma Diet

Created by author Connie Gunderson, the Sonoma Diet is aimed at helping people lose weight while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This diet does not focus as much on what foods are “bad” but rather what foods are most flavorful and enjoyable to eat. This approach to eating can be incorporated with moderation into any diet.

(5)  The Best Life

Created by Bob Greene and endorsed by Oprah, The Best Life is also a lifestyle-focused diet. There are not many restrictions and a mentality of joyful eating is always present. This diet also has a perspective that can be taken and applied in moderation to any diet.

Now, I’m not the type of person who can stick to a diet or ever needed to follow one. Even if you don’t follow these diets or any of the other best diets on the market, there are perspectives to learn that can be applied to anyone’s way of eating or lifestyle. So the next time you reach for a frozen burrito or that box of mac, think about the approach these diets take to eating or visit FindTheBest for more nutrition resources.

Peter Griggs is a business development associate at FindTheBest Health, which
helps users compare everything from
dialysis centers to community health centers.

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