Felicity Huffman’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Staying Thin and Toned Up

January 24, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Desperate Housewives’ star Felicity Huffman has an ultra-toned bod hidden underneath the pyjamas and morning shirts she wears as harassed mom Lynette Scavo on the top rating show. She may be 40, but the green eyed, blonde beauty still has the curvy hips and flat stomach made to make hearts go thump!, thanks to her healthy eating and exercise habits.

"I love the outdoors, and I try to be active as much as I can." She shares."My family and I eat really well and healthily. I just insist on it."

Felicity-Huffman.jpgFelicity Huffman’s diet consists of well balanced, portion controlled meals. This allows her no food restrictions, as long as she keeps her serving sizes small and eats in moderation.

No only does Felicity eat a balanced diet, she also makes it a point not to forget working out. Felicity Huffman’s exercise routine includes playing tennis, running, biking and hiking. Most of her routine are considered cardio exercises that allows her to burn around 300 to 600 calories per workout. 

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