Eva Green’s Diet and Exercise Secrets: Killer Looks and Body

December 12, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Born in Paris to an actress mother and a dentist father, Bond Girl Eva Green was first noticed for her killer looks, intelligence and modesty as hailed by Vogue. The flame-haired star looks ever the Bond girl temptress that she is, and gives us an understanding why French Women Never Get Fat.

"I do watch what I eat." Eva says. "I don’t eat healthy all the time, so I just eat in moderation."

Eva-Green.jpgEva Green’s diet follows portion control. This allows her no food restrictions, as long as she watches out for serving size and total caloric content that serving size has.

Eva Green’s exercise routine mainly consists of Pilates, a kind of physical fitness program concentrating on toning and strengthening the core postural muscles, the deep abdominal muscles, as well as the muscles nearest the spine.

"I feel like Pilates gives me inner balance." She shares. "I do wish I have more discipline for it. But I also work out by running, when I run, it relieves my stress."

Eva also acknowledges the pressures on her to look perfect all the time.

"You know, once people turned me down for an audition because they said I had to lose weight." She recalls. "Now that I think about it, I will never be super thin. Life is just too short to lie awake at night and think about it."

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