Eva Green Weight Loss Tips: Quirky And Sexy

French actress Eva Green is a vision with her killer looks, intelligence and modesty. This 30 year old blue-eyed beauty has graced countless films such as The Dreamers and Kingdom of Heaven with her magnetic screen presence and quirky charm, but it wasn’t until she played Bond girl Vesper in 2006’s James Bond film Casino Royale opposite Daniel Craig that the world sat up to take notice of this 5 foot 6 tall stunner. Here, Eva shares her secrets on keeping her luscious figure, and gives us an understanding of why French Women Never Get Fat.

"Sometimes I owe it partly to my good genes, I’ve always been slim." She says. "I don’t always eat healthily."
Eva-Green2.jpgEva Green’s diet involves watching over what she eats together with using portion control. Dieters like Eva who adhere to this diet on a daily basis can eat whatever they desire as long as the servings are kept small. Obviously, most dieters adhere to this diet because they don’t feel deprived with what they want to eat.

“I don’t always eat healthy, not enough vegetables and way too much kolhydrates, it calms me,” says Eva.

However, Eva Green’s diet needs to be monitored closely too since dieters still must get the needed nutrition and not just eating junk foods the entire day.

For Eva Green’s exercise routine, she runs and sometimes does Pilates.

Eva states, “I run, it helps me relieve my stress. Sometimes I practice pilates, but I wish I had more discipline for it, like Madonna. I would like to meditate as well, I’m sure it is very good for finding my inner balance.”

Eva Green’s exercise particularly running which is a form of cardio exercise allows her to burn 300 to 600 calories per workout.

Other forms of cardio exercises are walking, swimming, bicycling, hiking, and other activities that is marked with a temporary increase both in heart rate and respiratory rate. This exercise helps in hastening the metabolic process that helps in burning calories leading to weight loss or weight maintenance.

Pilates, on the other hand, allows Eva to learn how to control her core by integrating the trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle. It also helps her breathe properly together with alignment appropriately her spine and strengthens the deep torso muscles. Furthermore, it works to elongate, strengthen and improve muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

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