Estella Warren’s Diet and Exercise Tips: Fit, Healthy and Sexy

December 12, 2010

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5 foot 9 Canadian supermodel and One of The World’s Hottest Estella Warren is the kind of girl you love to hate. She’s a model/triathlete/actress and is uber-busy. But a closer look would reveal a charming, down-to-earth personality who hasn’t fallen prey to Hollywood’s size zero mentality. You just can’t help but love her. Guess we’ll have to focus our stereotypical girl hate on someone else. 

"I love exercise. I work out hard and I eat healthy." She says. "Plenty of fruits and veggies, and adequate hydration. I drink tons of water."

estella-warren.jpgEstella Warren’s diet follows portion control, where there are no food restrictions as long as she watches out for serving size and total caloric content, 

"I love MacDonald’s french fries." She shares. "It’s not a guilty pleasure, I’m not guilty at all. I eat in moderation. I’m attuned to what a portion size is."

Estella Warren’s exercise includes hitting the gym five times a week to do cardio exercises, sit-ups and stretches.

Outdoors, she runs, bikes, swims, hikes, and does yoga.

She states, “I exercise a lot, I get an adrenaline rush after exercising every day. It’s an ultimate high." 

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